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Common Myths About Voice Artists
You can certainly tell a professional audio production from an amateur one, and so it is true when listening to voice artists. The voice over industry in Australia is a lucrative business, but it is also very hard to get into. Why? Because it takes a certain kind of talent to be successful! There are many myths about what it takes to be a voice artists, and we cover a few in this article... read more

5 Tips on Creating a Successful Radio Campaign
A radio commercial can be a very effective way of marketing your business. You can deliver your message directly to a wide variety of people listening attentively to what you are communicating. However, there are certain things you need to know in order to produce a maximum quality audio production.... read more

Audio Production for Social Media
Most people will get an audio production done up for say a radio or television commercial, corporate video or to even embed on to their website, but what about the potential to showcase your business' audio production through social media? You either love social media or you hate it... read more

What is a Professional Recording Studio?
As most of you would know, a recording studio is a place for sound recording and mixing, and obviously with our craft, we need to have a state-of-the-art recording studio to produce the amazing audio productions that you hear on the radio, television, in corporate presentations and embedded on websites... read more

Professional Audio Recordings for Multimedia Applications
You've heard all this hype about something called multimedia ... but you're not a 100% certain just exactly what it is, and how it can benefit your business. I mean you do heaps of advertising right, in print and online, so that should complete your marketing mix ... right? WRONG! ... read more

Introducing the Innovative SM PRO Mic Thing
Every professional voice over artist knows that getting a faultless voice recording is hard even in the very best of environments, let alone when surrounded by the sounds of day-to-day life. So how can a voice artist produce the best results without wasting precious time and money? ... read more

Audio Production Company Launches Blog
Audio Production company, Media Sound our delighted to announce the launch of their new blog.
Famous for their award winning audio productions and professional voice artists, ... read more

Multimedia and Your Business
The world is changing at a rapid rate, and as our population increases, industries grow, demand for products and services surge and new businesses enter the market... read more

How to Write For Radio
When writing for radio it is important to remember that you are writing for listeners - so your technique will be a completely different approach to writing for print or television. Unlike these two channels, your viewer can only listen to what you have to say - they don't have the ability to visualise or re-read your message...read more

Audio Agency Urges Businesses to Get Behind Flood Victims
Audio production company, Media Sound, is asking businesses to get behind the flood victims and donate money to the families who have been affected....read more

Ride to Conquer Cancer
Media Sound's national production manager, Ben Harrison, was the first to donate to the charitable cause and is asking his clients to help Team Sunshine raise funds for Queensland's Institute of Medical Research...read more

Masterchef Commercial
From the highly successful MasterChef TV Series…comes ‘MasterChef The Cookbook Volume 2'. Media Sound provided the voiceover and production music for the television commercial. Male Talent 17 was the voice artist.

Movember to Remember
Leading Audio Production Company Makes Movember One To Remember! Australia's favourite audio production agency turns charitable once again, and this time grows a “mo” for a worthy cause - to raise awareness for prostate cancer and depression.

New Voice Talent
Media Sound welcomes 'Female Talent 15' to our stable of voices. Media Sound's Production Manager Ben Harrison says ‘Her voice has a great range, from authoritative corporate reads to soft seductive voiceovers... she does it all'. Female Talent 15 is available 9 - 5 Monday to Friday.

Best Regional Music Presenter
Media Sound's Leading Voice Artist Wins Top Award for Best Regional Music Presenter. Voice artist and radio presenter, Andrea Waycott takes home one of the regional audio industries top awards.

Myers Commercial
Media Sound was recently involved in the production of Myer Robina's grand opening commercials. We supplied the sound effects and eq'd and compressed the voiceovers to broadcast quality.

Updated Talent Sample
Australian Female Voice Artist 11 has just added a fresh retail demo and can be viewed on the voice talent pages. For bookings and availability of this voice over talent please contact us.

New Website Launched
Media Sound has launched a new website designed to make the process of creating your audio project as quick and easy as possible. You can navigate through the voice talent , preview their samples and select the talent number for the recording session. You can also add in a preferred music track to compliment the voice over. If you are a first time user simply complete the quote form and we will reply back with a price within minutes.

Kid Voice Talent Page
We have added a new section dedicated to our top Kid Voice Talents. Availability for these talents is daily after school hours (3pm) and it is recommended to give as much notice as possible so we can arrange for the parents to get them into our studios.

Updated Talent Samples
Australian Voice Artists: Male 6, 10 and Female 11, 18 have new audio samples you can preview on the voice talent pages.

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