5 Tips on Creating a Successful Radio Campaign

A radio commercial can be a very effective way of marketing your business. You can deliver your message directly to a wide variety of people listening attentively to what you are communicating. However, there are certain things you need to know in order to produce a maximum quality audio production.

Tip 1: Have your Audio Production Professionally Created

It pays to have a professional audio production company or recording studio help produce your commercial. Having the correct facilities ensures that your audio production will be of the highest quality possible. They will be able to provide a selection of professional voice artist's for you to choose from. Being professionals they will have the knowledge of how to produce a top quality recording and when to insert sound effects, if you require them. Royalty free music beds will also be available for you if you would like to add music.

Tip 2: Start Strong

No doubt you have heard the saying that first impressions are everything and nothing could be truer in this instance. The first line of your radio script should really pack a punch and grab your listener's attention. You have one chance to get this right, if you fail, your production could be a complete waste of time, money and effort. Asking a question or delivering a powerful quote will ensure that your listeners tune in and this is when you can deliver your message.

Tip 3: Keeping it Simple

Keeping your message simple will ensure you deliver targeted information to your audience. Information overload has ruined many campaigns. You have a maximum of approximately 30 seconds to convey your message, so make sure you mention exactly what your listeners need to hear. Don't confuse them with too much contact information, simply let them know either a phone number, email or web address. One idea per campaign accompanied by one contact will be sufficient.

Tip 4 - Choose your Voice Artist Wisely

It's important to choose a voice artist that will suit your particular businesses image. A powerful delivery and a unique voice will ensure that your radio commercial captivates your audience. Avoid the mistake of using a voice artist that has been overused. Emotion can be critical for credibility. Keep the script simple and ensure that the voice artist doesn't sound too rushed.

Tip 5: Get the Right Placements

It's important to correctly place your advertisements. Timing can make all the difference, there is no point having a finely tuned message that is guaranteed to pack a punch, and have it in the wrong time slot. Peak times on radio may not necessarily be the most effective time for your business to advertise. Ask your customers for their opinions about what times they tune into the radio and also which radio stations they listen to. You many need to advertise on a few different stations to capture a wider audience. Don't be afraid to ask for bonus fill with the radio station, more airtime can mean more business for you.

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