Music Library

One way to really put the punch into your audio production is with carefully selected music beds to compliment your audio advertising piece.

Music to Reinforce your Brand

In fact, selecting appropriate music to appeal to your core customers has been proven to be an extremely effective marketing tool, and is a way for businesses to reinforce their brand.

Music Library

Media Sound has an extensive library of Audio Production Music that can be added to your voice over project to bring it to life. All our music is royalty free and also registered with APRA and PPCA – so you won’t get any unexpected surprises on your invoice.

Give your audio production that little bit of something, and select a music track to complement your audio production.

When selecting the music for your audio production, make sure you take both your brand and the customers you are trying to appeal to in to consideration. Select a music track that reflects the culture of your business, and fits with the message being conveyed in your audio advertisement.

Browse our Library

All you have to do is browse through the short samples and quote the music code when ordering a production.


Name Code
Bass Bounce EAS001
Ensemble Award EAS002
Icey Cool EAS003
Kicking Back EAS004
Stringy EAS005
Sunday Session EAS006
Bluewater EAS007
City Life EAS008
Fashion Life EAS009
Hot Gossip EAS010

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