Radio & Television Commercials

With over 30 years combined experience in the Australian broadcast industry, our audio engineers have worked at the top of Australian radio for stations like Triple M, Nova and the Macquarie Network creating world class award winning commercials. And they can do the same for your business!

Why Choose Media Sound?
Most radio and television stations can produce audio productions for you; however, by sourcing your audio from the team of specialists here at Media Sound, you will be sure to get a commercial that features different voice artists and writing styles from the ones produced by the radio and television stations.

Don’t get us wrong, they are audio professionals also, and offer high quality audio productions for radio and television, but if you are looking for material that is a little different to what the stations are offering, then we’re the team to contact.

Our audio productions produced for radio and television can be supplied in any format, and we can render to op59 standards (this is the standard required for television).

We produce hundreds of high quality commercials each and every week for Radio, Television and the Web. Our extensive range of production music and sound effects means we can create any scenario for your project. Every commercial that comes from our studios is produced to an industry standard quality. Call us today to get a high quality, creative and compelling radio or television commercial

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