What is a Professional Recording Studio?

As most of you would know, a recording studio is a place for sound recording and mixing, and obviously with our craft, we need to have a state-of-the-art recording studio to produce the amazing audio productions that you hear on the radio, television, in corporate presentations and embedded on websites.

Our sound proof recording studio's have been acoustically designed in order to get the best professional recordings. Our studio's have been designed by professionals and have been strategically calculated and built accordingly. We have also put a large focus into our interior design and the furniture in our recording studios, and we have done this to put our voice artists at ease ... voice overs are not as easy as the seem, and that's why we need our voice talent relaxed and comfortable in their surrounds!

Our recording studio is broken into two main areas:

  • The Recording Booth
  • The Studio

The Recording Booth
This is the part of the recording studio where all the theatrics take place, and we have a number of voiceover artists who come into these rooms daily to 'perform' their readings. And trust us, they will play a number of characters throughout the day. They will basically be, whatever our creative scriptwriters and customers have written into the script. The recording booth is a highly "dead" space meaning that sound is obsorbed through acoustic tiles giving very little sound reflection. This acoustic design ensures a much warmer professional sound when the voice session is being recorded with the use of dynamic and passive studio microphones.

The Studio
The studio is where we house all of the equipment for recording, routing and changing the sound. This is fundamentally where all the sound from the studio is recorded and then mixed into the fininished audio productions that you hear every day. It is in this room, that we house all of our extremely important broadcast quality equipment including, studio monitors, mixing consoles, outboard and inboard sound processing equipment, multi-track software based editing programs... just to name a few. And of course, the studio is our incredibly talented audio engineers office, and this is where they perform their magic and put the production together.

Each recording studio is different, and designed differently based on its intended use. Modern technology also allows us to do a number of recordings in the one place; this is compared to the days of old, when recording sessions would have taken place through various studios and then brought together. Most recording studios however, have been designed with a specific service in mind

At Media Sound, we are all about Australian businesses and our recording studios have been designed to get the best voice recordings, and then mix them to a high standard to be aired online, in corporate presentations, through your phone lines, on the radio and on television.

For more information on how Media Sound can help your business stand out from the crowd, visit our website www.mediasound.com.au, alternatively call us on 1300 736 465.

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