Common Myths About Voice Artists

You can certainly tell a professional audio production from an amateur one, and so it is true when listening to voice artists. The voice over industry in Australia is a lucrative business, but it is also very hard to get into. Why? Because it takes a certain kind of talent to be successful! There are many myths about what it takes to be a voice artists, and we cover a few in this article.

Myth No. 1 - Anyone can be a Voice Over Artist

It's easy to think that anyone can be a voice over artist, after all Aunt Jenny has a lovely voice! You might think that, but not everyone may share your sentiments. Professional voice artists are just that, they do this for a living because their voices are easy to listen to and evoke emotion in their listeners. To be a voice artist requires training, many have been actors or radio announcers and have many years experience in the industry. You won't be disappointed if you consider raising your budget expenditure to locate the correct artist, it will be money wisely expended.

Myth # 2 - Great Voice = Voiceover Artists

This would be ideal if it were accurate, however unfortunately like most things in life, there is much more to being a voice over artist that is high in demand, than just having a smooth voice, although it is beneficial. In reality, to understand the spoken word and how to emphasize it and create emotion is critical to a voice artist's success. Knowing when to pause, and how to deliver the script are a mandatory part of the process to a successful audio campaign.

Myth # 3 - Great Money

While this is true for highly requested voice artists, this is a very competitive industry and to think that you are going to make millions overnight is a fanciful view. As stated, these highly successful artists have spent many years perfecting their craft and beginning their careers from the bottom rung. Building relationships with audio engineers, production agencies and radio stations by often volunteering their services, is how many of these voice artists began their careers. If you are considering a career as a voice artist, expect to do the hard yards before you reap the big dollars. If you work consistently and diligently you can have the opportunity to earn good money.

Making a successful audio production is not as simple as walking into a studio and speaking into a microphone. It takes years of persistence and dedication, plus a pleasant voice to become a skilled expert in this field. Selecting a highly accomplished voice artist to record your audio production can give your listeners the right impression about your business, boosting your profits sky high.

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