Audio Production for Social Media

Most people will get an audio production done up for say a radio or television commercial, corporate video or to even embed on to their website, but what about the potential to showcase your business' audio production through social media?

You either love social media or you hate it, but either way you can't deny that these networks are taking the world by storm, and as a business owner can you really afford not to be active within this growing phenomena?

According to, the following show the amount of unique Australian Visitors (UAV) using these networks:

  • Facebook - 13 million
  • YouTube - 11 million
  • Linkedin - 2 million
  • Twitter - 1.8 million
  • WordPress - 1.6 million
  • Google Plus - 570,000
  • MySpace - 560,000

These are Australian figures only, so if you have a product or service that can go global, then social media is your oyster! These figures are expected to grow dramatically in the forth-coming years. Wouldn't you like a piece of this pie?

Better yet, all of these social networking sites allow you to upload video and audio productions. In today's society multimedia isn't just a buzzword that should be thrown around, instead you NEED to use it in order to get the most from your online marketing efforts.

Multimedia is just that - multiple forms of media, used through a number of channels. An audio production allows you to do this quite easily. As mentioned before, if you get a strategically written script combined with a professional audio production, you effectively have a piece of (multimedia) marketing material that can be used over and over again!

A professionally produced audio production is a necessity for any multimedia campaign. You are a business after all - and you want to make sure you are portrayed in a professional light. A 30 second audio production can be easily uploaded to your favourite social media channels in a matter of seconds. Why not combine your audio production with an animated PowerPoint presentation or slideshow about your business and upload it to YouTube and then start promoting it on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Linkedin?

Each of these channels are vastly different, and you will find a different customer set at each, but learning how to engage with potential customers or business partners through these channels is a great way to build your business and get your name out there. An audio production will aid you in really showing the character of your business by touching on the emotions - something that words sometimes can't do as powerfully.

You never know, an audio production that you get made up for a radio commercial will reach so many potential customers - at a price, but for just a little time, you can reach a massive audience simply by uploading your audio production to various social networking sites ... who knows, it may even go viral!

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