Audio Producers

An Audio Producer is the very creative individual who is responsible for the final audio production. Two extremely talented audio producers who both have backgrounds in the Australian broadcast industry founded Media Sound. With them, they brought a clearly defined skillset, and hence a product highly regarded by many in the industry.

What does an Audio Producer do?
An audio producer basically oversees the entire audio production; from directing the voice talent, recording them, ensuring all equipment is of sound quality, then mixing and manipulating the audio production, using a combination of voice recordings, music and sound effects.

An audio producer / engineer, has an acute sense of sound, and they know how to mix and manipulate sound bites to create a captivating audio production.

Media Sound
If you are looking to conduct an audio advertising campaign, and want a high quality audio production, then you need to give the team at Media Sound a call. Not only do we have some very creative copywriters and talented voice artists, but we have three of the highly qualified audio engineers ready to weave their magic and create a enthralling audio production for your business.

Audio Producers

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