Audio Advertising

In years past, audio advertising was confined to mainly just television and the radio, but in the digital age, audio is everywhere and your potential reach is massive. Media Sound produces high quality audio productions for use through a number of marketing channels, effectively helping you expand your potential reach and get the most out of your audio advertising.

Audio productions are now widely used in a number of applications, such as radio commercials, games, tours at theme parks and at museums, telephone messages on hold, corporate presentations, in store music and messaging, web audio and also for social media sharing. The impact of audio can be huge if done correctly, and add another element to your overall marketing mix.

If you are creative with your strategy, then audio advertising can be a rather inexpensive, yet highly effective marketing means.

Media Sound
So regardless of whether you are looking for an audio production for radio, television, corporate presentation, telephone messages on hold or social media sharing, we can certainly help. Just supply the Media Sound team with a brief about your audio advertising campaign, and our creative copywriters will devise a script, our talented voice artists will voice it and our audio producers will weave their magic to bring your production alive.

We can also supply your production in a number of formats, just specify how you need your production supplied and we will make sure to comply with your specifications.

Audio for Social Media

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