Audio for Social Media

Even the most sceptics cannot deny, social media is taking the world by storm, and these social networking platforms are growing in popularity; essentially adding another channel to the modern marketing mix. If your business already actively promotes your brand through audio advertising, then be sure to further spread the word with audio for your social media accounts.

Whether it is radio commercials, television commercials, corporate presentation, message on hold programs or a specialised social media audio production, you can really increase your audience by sharing your audio production through online social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Social Media Fact
Facebook: 12 million monthly Australian users
YouTube - 11.75 million monthly unique Australian visitors
Twitter - 2.1 million active Australian users

Source: Frank Media

Think of the possibilities! The above statistics are for Australian users, imagine being able to tap into the above traffic and getting a bit of the slice - it really could do wonders for your business.

Media Sound
Media Sound are the audio production specialists, and we can create impressive and informative audio for social media for your business. And if you are smart, it just might go viral.

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Audio for Social Media

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