Television Commercials

Voice oh voice where art thou?
Searching out the best voice over talent for Television Commercials may be more convenient with today's technology, however that hasn't made it any easier.
Here at Media Sound we offer such a wide choice of voice talent that we could be accused of making things even harder.
We argue that variety is the spice of life!

Besides, to refine your search our voices are categorised by gender, age, style and country. With such narrow parameters you should easily find the voice artists you seek.

Let your ears do the walking
On the Media Group website under the heading "Voice Talent" your options begin with male or female or kids.
Then choose a category like TV/radio or Corporate
Next click on the preferred age groupand country.
As you listen to the sample recordings of the artists try to imagine their voice reading the scripts for your Television Commercials.
Discuss each voice with colleagues. Make a choice.

A short list means you're almost there
If you think you have found the perfect choice, but still want more reassurance you can request a free demo.
We will arrange your preferred voice or voices to record a short extract from your script. You will receive a link to go online and listen to the free demo.
There is nomore foolproof way to find that illusive voice over artist
Now how do you get started? For a free quote. Click here!

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