Short Film

Lift your game
The Short Film doesn't have to be short on production values. One of the most effective upgrades you can give your "precious child" is the polished tone of a professional voice over artist.
At Media Sound we have a wide and varied list of voice over artists on the books. You can begin auditions right now. Start by listening the samples we have online.

Listen to voice samples on line
We have uploaded samples of our voice talent. To assist your search for the rightvoiceover, the samples are categorised by gender, age group, language/nationality and if they were for radio/TV or Corporate use.
OK so we don't have James Earl Jones on the books! But we have some of the most experienced voice actors, male and female, of all ages and of differing styles.
A great line-up of pro voice talent for your Short Film without busting the budget.

Check price and availability
When you have yourchoice of voice down to a short list, then you need to know if you are within budget and if the talent can meet the production schedule.
Media Sound will confirm the talent and provide a free quote.
Do you need to add music and sound Fx? We have extensive Royalty Free Music catalogues and a team of experienced engineers at our digital audio facilities
Listen to sample recordings online and make your choice from the range of male or female actors representing all age groups, nationalities and reading styles.
If you think you have found one, but you are still undecided, request a free demo.
The demonstration will be a recording of your preferred voice talent reading an extract from your script.
You can go online to hear the finished "demo" and confirm you have the best choice.
Ready to roll? Click here!

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