Instore Audio

Sound like you own this town
When shoppers set foot in your world they should immediately sense an experience. At once they should be aware of the harmony in decor, design and display along with the Instore Audio program from Media Sound.
Your customers should find themselves immersed in a retail nirvana.
Part of that audio experience is music. With Instore Audio you will have access to a library of Royalty Free Music.
The other element is messages. Quality messages featuring professional voice over actors talking about new products or services, seasonal events or upcoming sales.

Release the inner Dee Jay
You know your customers likes and dislikes. You will enjoy working with the specialists from Media Sound as you choose music tracks to feature on your store's playlists.

Be right on message
Instore Audio is like owing the only radio station in town. A great way to keep customers involved with everything that's happening.
You can update messages anytime. It's a quick and easy online operation.
Pretty soon those professional voice over actors will seem like part of the staff.
Find out more. Or arrange a Free 30 Day Trial of Instore Music at your place. Click here!

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