Explainer Videos

Please explain
I enquired "what is an explainer video"? I was quickly informed:-
- Explainer videos are short online marketing videos used to explain a company's product or service.
That's a bit like describing a milk shake as milk that has been shaken.
I can only assume the name "Explainer Videos" was concocted by an Ad man. Perhaps it's an attempt to rival the print industry's innovative title of "Advertorial".
Or it's just a clever way to add a segment to the rate card. Ka-Ching!
Perhaps I should ask Pauline?

You are not, repeat not the voice
Political bias aside even the title "Explainer Videos" hints that there will be a voice reading a script.
Most explainer videos use simple graphics and animation often "whiteboard animation". The emphasis is on low cost and free software is readily available.
However there is no software download for "Nice Voice-Over Guy". So people tend to penny pinch and go down the DIY road to disaster
Media Sound makes it simple and surprisingly economical to add the polished touch of a professional voice over.
To begin your search for that voice and get superior audio production for any video project on the Media Sound home page select "Voice Talent".
Follow the prompts and make your choice by gender, age, country and style; for example Radio/TV or Corporate.
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